tisdag 11 januari 2011

My Mental Pirouette

this is a mix containing some of my work from 2010. Some of the tracks are released and some aren't.
My Mental Piroutte (mix of tracks from 2010)

direct download

Tracklist goes:
Goodbye Day - Unreleased
Koan - Released, Arch 76
Comfortable Under The Radar - Unreleased
Repeat Chorus - Unreleased
half-finished-half-abandoned track
Javelin [Traverse the universe] - signed
Born Too Late - Unreleased
Jay Phonic - Orchestral Manouver (ingermar's coffee & snus remix)
Mr. Kobayashi is having a bad day - Unreleased
Philosophy [raw] - Unreleased
Those Nights We Were Kings (free track)

the picture is some sort of screen-cap from CERN. Copyright belongs to someone else than me.

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