fredag 26 oktober 2012

my Personal EP

This is Ingemar taking a few steps backwards, into the forest, and boiling things down to its essentials.

The underlying theme for the album is mental un-wellness, much sparked by the hype / anti-hype of using fad words such as autistic to describe beats. Mental unhealth has always been a source of inspiration for creatives throughout the ages, but how can one approach the subject without gloryfying or spreading misconceptions?

Autism and techno cult has an element of give and take in their relationship - this is the part where it is time for techno to Give Back.

Half of the revenue generated by this Ep will go

Inspired by Legowelt's TEAC life album both in terms of sound and publishing, Ingemar have shed much of his artistic skin and arrived at a more stripped back, raw sound with focus on flow and emotion (and the lack thereof). The focus is on capturing the tracks in live takes performed on hardware sound generators. A re-occuring thought during the production of this EP was rather a tiny, black soul in a big, mean robot, than no soul at all in something human. Then make that big, mean robot do an interpretive dance about autism.

Production and mastering by Ingemar Stalholm
Cover art by Niklas Backlund


released 26 October 2012

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