fredag 19 november 2010

all good things comes in pairs...

Two stories:

me (my release)

and the bigger picture! (5 years of Archipel music)

I strongly recommend scrolling down a bit and playing Jesse Somfay's track "Small Pebbled Forest" while reading. If that doesn't make your friday night then I have no idea what will.

Feedback on my tracks:
- Mossa: This release is very cool, thanks boy

- Sean O'Neal (Someone Else): i am really diggin track 4!

- Davide Squillace: Support on 9% track

- Todd Burns (Resident Advisor):
Once again the Canadian label from Montreal delivers another fantastic album of sporadic soundscapes, adventurous instruments in limbo and of course a couple mind elevating..

- Alland Byallo: Good Sounds! I like so much!!! Stunning tracks.

- Andre Galluzzi: Thanks a lot for the fantastik realease, best wishes & full support

- Mark-Henning: Superb package, really class! Full support

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