söndag 28 november 2010

In the belly of the beast [free track]

I am going to try and offer a free track to download ever so often, like a monthly thing or so if all goes well, so here goes!

Ingemar Stalholm - In the belly of the beast, angry as hell


As you can imagine, I haven't paid a mastering engineer to have a look at this, nor have I pleaded with any friends of mine to master it

The track itself was made in a bit of a flurry, I mean it's not overly complicated. It features heavy use of my newly bought DSI-Mopho module, the ability to route audio into it is awesome! Also the input gain feature is pretty clever, as it works as an overdrive component if there is no audio input.

Anyhoo, I'm not trying to sell you one of those, they have their limitations as well. I tried a pretty different approach to the mixdown of the track, with a lot more sidechaining and 'commercial' effects than I normally use. In fact, I wanted to create something with a more edgy, powerful sound than my otherwise rather mellow sounding stuff.

The name? It's about being really frustrated. The track was just as much simple anger management in the form of sound for me as it has been an exercise in production.

Hope you enjoy it

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