torsdag 10 februari 2011

Homesickness or Nostalgia


Sven Laux will release his first album, Homesickness or Nostalgia, later this month.

Laux is a Berlin-based artist whose music straddles the line between experimental and DJ friendly. His approach is often avant-garde, with a focus on sound design and glitchy sampling, but his records typically have a 4/4 pulse and a generally upbeat mood. He's stayed very busy since his 2006 debut, with nearly 20 singles and EPs in the meantime, many on obscure net labels. Aside from the DJ mixes he's put out in the past two years, Homesickness or Nostalgia will be his first full-length. It will see release through Microcosm Music, an online label run by New York based artist Ezekiel Honig.

01. Old Time Radio
02. Jebediah's Liquor Store
03. Jackson's Modern Bakery Coffee Shop
04. Loan Translation
05. Homesickness
06. Kowalski's Trim Removal Tools
07. Avoid the Symptoms
08. Old Miller's Favourite Burgers
09. Nostalgia

Microcosm will release Homesickness or Nostalgia on February 25th, 2011

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