onsdag 16 februari 2011

new track on soundcloud!

Mr. Matsubayashi is having a very bad day
I read this brilliant story some time ago and couldn't stop thinking about it. I was so impressed with mr. Matsubayashi's stone face and general stoicism that I felt that I had to do some kind of tribute to him, something to cheer him up. Additional influences comes partly from Albert Camus' story "the Stranger" and some words of wisdom spoken by Maxi Jazz of Faithless, about learning to earn in the face of adversity. Not sure about how mr. Matsubayashi is doing with that, but he'll get there I'm sure.
As for the actual music influences I'm not sure at all where the inspiration comes from, the track is more of a study than anything else, I really wanted to position it in the middle of a glitchy click'n'cut style track and something more ear-friendly natural sounding.

So without further addo, Mr. Matsubayashi's very bad day

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