måndag 30 maj 2011

Sounds for the summer

After a minor hiatus from the world, spending restless nights locked inside the laboratory it's time to emerge (if just for a short while)

The new sounds are:
first up a remix for Jana Boujon, of her track called "My Greatest Tragedy"

ze fancy fancy remix

what I tried to do was to transmogrify the stoic vibe of the original into something a bit more angry-sounding.

Also I've tried a little promotion campaign for this track. If you share it on twitter you can unlock a free download of the track (or you can just email me and get one anyway, do as you please...)
this should be the link I think..

The second track is something between an original track and a remix. It features some of Jana's sweet vocals simply because I couldn't get enough of them. The mood is rather sombre and a bit perturbed in this one. It is quite experimental, sort of qualifying as a glitchy free-jazz sort of thing. 

third up is a netlabel mix I did for fun the other week, turned out quite nice:

there's a lot of bleepsequencearchipeltropicminiatura and musickollektiv sounds in there!

this will hopefully cover for any slacking off in production during the summer

also this is my feeble attempt at twittering - Stalholm on twitter

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