onsdag 12 september 2012

Numbolic Cut

Swizz label Numbolic starts a new seriess of VA releases on which I have had the honour, alongside with Geoff Bell, St. Maarten and Robert Matthaei, to appear on the first edition of.

The tracks are groovy and hypnotic, so in other words they are right up my alley.

The tracks can be listened to on Numbolics soundcloud profile:

A few words about my track, "Polar Eagle"

Polar Eagle gives me synaesthetic impressions of mostly blue and white, and most of the high frequences comes from stuff other than the hihat departement -it gives me the impression of something very cold, arctic almost. I didn't much have this in mind when I started producing the track, but my mind was much occupied with the idea of "power animals" so in the future you will see some more of them little buggers :)

The track starts out in a very (even for me) deliberate way, building up from a recording i made on a late autumn day almost a year ago - I had had a few beers and was walking home from Hornstull in Stockholm, which at the time (maybe still it is?) was under re-construction. What you hear during the first few minutes are actually me walking to the subway.

The bass is made from some serious editing of an mfb-522 kick - basically the kick and two layers of bass are from the same sample. I imagine this brings some coherence to the mix. I mean, mixing up a kick or bass that isn't tuned to something that isn't doesn't feel very... professional...

The breakdown at 5.40 features a sample that is also recorded when I was on my way home (the same night) - it's the warning bells of a train crossing, played in reverse. Somehow they fitted in quite nicely.

The keys and pads played on top of everything I can't remember of the top of my head how I made, but probably with a free plugin called Majkens Chimera and lots of effects.

And also, if you are interested, I could find out who did the mastering - whoever it was I think he/she did a great job, just like with my remix for Lineas De Nazca, also released on Numbolic.

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