fredag 19 oktober 2012

Bootleg & Improvisation

I got this stupid/funny idea the other night that I should make some surgical alterations to Cleymoore's remix of my track "6.4311" - here is the result

I dubbed it "ingemar's intellectual rocket food bootleg" in honour of this guy;

There was no real reason for me doing it other than it seemed like a fun thing to do (it was - and really I have  a billion other obligations that I disregarded when doing it). I cut some loops from Cleymoore's remix and went at them a little with filters in Cubase, and them loaded them into my Octatrack. I used four flex machines for samples, and three thru machines for drums and two synths, and lastly one pickup machine for the synth. Everything was recorded straight into Cubase (at like -12dB) and later "mastered".

the thing that happened after was, I just didn't stop - the recording went on and so did I on the octa. I didn't plan it as a liveset with "party" structure, but just a jam where I let the music take me in whatever direction it wanted. I contemplated editing out the first twenty minutes of the recording as I feel that those are the weakest, but I chose to let them stay because of the continuity with the bootleg. I might actually cut out minutes 20 to ~30 and use them as a standalone track...

I mastered it pretty much the same way I did with the bootleg, but actually that's only because I feel that if it's not 0dB on soundcloud, nobody will notice it. Therefor, if you like it, I'd be happy to send you the original file with full dynamics and clarity.

Here's the improvisation

Oh, and about the name? Space Echo, could that be an infinitly complex anagram for anything you recognise? Think of my favourite minutes. Phil Spector is in there because I was thinking of a wall of sound when I finalised the recording.

I'm perhaps overly fond of ridicolously long track names, yes. It's half the fun.

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