fredag 19 oktober 2012


music is love, and love is meant to be shared. Also I love music, but that's another issue. The point is, I want to share some sound that came into being yesternight.

First thing first: Earlier this week this little goodie was made public on MusicKollektiv

mK62 Ingemar Stalholm - Lobotomy EP

01. Ingemar Stalholm - Configuration sequence 1
02. Ingemar Stalholm - 6.4311 [ogni mediocre]
03. Configuration Sequence 1 (Revy Remix)
04. 6.4311 (Lowbard mediocre´s Remix)
05. [ogni mediocre] (mono`ono shkarpezala remix)
06. Lobotomy [m_patcher into A=432hz Remix]
07. Ingemar stalholm - interlude [im so grateful for this]
08. 6.4311 [ogni mediocre] (Cleymoore Remix)
09. 6.3411 [ogni mediocre] (Marlene Magnoli Remix)
10. Configuration Sequence 1 (Olle2000 Remix)

Artwork: Ayane

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